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  • Three ways to buy translations – from multiple, selected or individual providers
    15 July 2021 in Buying translations

    If you’d rather avoid the agony of choice when buying translations, you might decide to put all your eggs in one basket. Thinking strategically can save you lots of time and money – we explain the pros and cons of decentralized, centralized and hybrid models when buying translations.

  • What is a CAT tool?
    20 May 2021 in Buying translations

    In the 21st century, professional translation services are unthinkable without the latest technology and software. A key element of this is CAT tools, which offer a wide range of useful features for clients, project managers and translators. MEINRAD explains what CAT tools are, how they work, and how modern translation agencies use them.

  • Which file formats are suitable for translation?
    6 May 2021 in Buying translations

    Translations are needed in a wide variety of contexts: operating instructions, other machine texts, brochures, websites, sales presentations... the list goes on. Inevitably, these texts will be produced in different file formats – and not all are equally suitable for translation. We explain what you need to look out for and how you can avoid...

  • How the MDR goes hand in hand with high-quality translations
    8 April 2021 in Buying translations

    The MDR imposes strict requirements on medical devices and their documentation, both in the original language and in translation. By entrusting their translations to a certified translation agency specializing in medical technology, manufacturers of medical devices can rest assured that all their documentation will conform to the MDR. We...

  • Transcreation: more than just a creative translation
    9 March 2021 in Buying translations

    Conveying the content of promotional and marketing texts in another language is often called transcreation. The purpose is different from translating technical documentation, but how else does transcreation differ from translation? MEINRAD explains.

  • Checking translations: what’s the difference between a QA check and a review?
    26 January 2021 in Buying translations

    There are a number of ways help ensure a high-quality translation. The two main options are quality assurance and reviews. But what exactly is the difference? MEINRAD explains.

  • Signed, sealed, delivered: agreements with translation agencies
    26 January 2021 in Buying translations

    Sensible, well-thought-out framework agreements make working with a translation agency every day much clearer and simpler. The more you plan ahead, the less frustration you’ll have to deal with later. Here’s some advice and top tips from our experience to help you create framework agreements that actually give you added value, rather than...

  • All in one: why it’s often worth putting all your translation eggs in one basket
    26 January 2021 in Buying translations

    It seems obvious that using multiple language service providers can spread the risk, and it may be tempting to give each new project to the cheapest provider. But be warned: you’ll be throwing away the savings you could be making from translation memories, and increasing the likelihood of inconsistent translations.

  • How intelligent interfaces can simplify translation management
    4 November 2020 in Buying translations

    You can’t see them, but they have an enormous impact: we’re talking about interfaces in the translation process. Customized solutions and connectivity allow clients to send texts to their translation agency and get them back in an automated process without requiring any human intervention – saving both time and stress.