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  • Using plug-ins to translate Drupal websites: texts in multiple languages are just a few clicks away
    23 February 2023 in Buying translations

    Do you like the idea of getting Drupal content translated quickly? You can – and it’s easy! Plug-in solutions allow you to choose pages and send them to your translation agency at the touch of a button, and then the translated pages are sent straight back to Drupal.

  • How to make sure you get the right translation interface
    14 February 2023 in Buying translations

    Anyone who’s interested in automating the translation process is inevitably confronted with the issue of interfaces and the wide range of customizable options. There are various solutions depending on the system you use, so before getting down to brass tacks and thinking about actually setting up the interface with your agency, you should clarify...

  • “An ISO 13485 certified translation agency offers added value for any medical device manufacturer”
    14 February 2023 in Buying translations

    Andreas Aichinger MSc is an independent auditor for medical technology. He speaks to us about the impacts of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the In Vitro Diagnostic Device Regulation (IVDR) on manufacturers and distributors, focusing on how they relate to translations and the ISO 13485 standard.

  • Life science translations: Lara Tosoni on how to get high-quality results
    24 January 2023 in Buying translations

    Medicine, medical technology and pharmaceuticals are fast-growing industries subject to stringent regulations. That brings with it an increase in content to be created as products and devices go around the world, and clearly that means translations will be needed for the various target markets. The life science sector poses specific challenges and...

  • An interview with Martina König: “There’s nothing unsexy or dull about technical documentation”
    24 January 2023 in Buying translations

    Martina König is a lecturer at the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz, where she runs the part-time “Technical Documentation” Master’s course. We speak to her about this course, the challenges and variety of working as a technical editor, the trends in technical documentation, and why it’s so important for technical editors to have a...

  • It’s (not just) about language: 8 additional factors to look out for when evaluating a translation agency
    24 January 2023 in Buying translations

    When choosing a translation agency, many people use test translations to decide which agency to work with. But if you have large amounts of text to be translated and need additional services and support managing your projects, you should also evaluate an agency’s technical expertise and the professionalism of their working methods – in the long...

  • How experts make the translation process work
    23 November 2022 in Buying translations

    Translation is about more than just conveying a text from one language to another. At a translation agency, teams of experts work together not just to produce high-quality translations, but also to make clients’ everyday work easier. Preparing texts before and after the translation has a key role to play in a successful translation process, so if...

  • Why memoQ is perfectly suited for life science translations
    22 November 2022 in Buying translations

    Medical manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry in general need lots of translations, not least because of the strict regulatory requirements they have to meet. Accurate translations are crucial in order to ensure safety for patients and users – and that’s where the CAT tool memoQhas a large part to play in delivering high-quality texts.

  • The advance planning discount – how you can benefit from non-urgent translation projects
    7 October 2022 in Buying translations

    They say good planning is half the battle. And that goes for translation just as it does elsewhere! If you can plan your translation projects in advance and give the agency plenty of time to deliver them, you can benefit from advance planning discounts and save money with every project.