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  • How to make your texts suitable for machine translation
    25 April 2024 in Machine Translation

    As a technical editor or content creator, your destiny – or more accurately, the destiny of your texts – is more or less in your own hands. You can make your texts suitable for machine translation and post-editing by bearing these processes in mind when you begin producing your content. We’d like to give you some top tips.

  • Which languages are suitable for machine translation?
    22 November 2022 in Machine Translation

    Things are moving fast in the world of machine translation – the results produced by MT tools are getter better and better, and the range of languages offered is growing all the time. But be careful: just because a text can be machine translated from one particular language to another, that doesn’t necessarily mean the results will be good....

  • 20 questions about machine translation and post-editing
    3 October 2022 in Machine Translation

    As artificial intelligence makes more and more of an impact in the translation industry, machine translation is becoming increasingly important. But even though many translations are now produced using this workflow, people still have lots of questions about it. MEINRAD answers 20 of the most frequently asked questions about machine translation...

  • Machine translation for medical technology – can it work?
    25 March 2022 in Machine Translation

    Machine translation is now used routinely in the translation industry. But can it work in “sensitive” sectors such as medical technology? We asked MEINRAD’s CEO Eva Reiterer.

  • Better safe than sorry: 5 top tips for evaluating fee-based machine translation tools
    7 February 2022 in Machine Translation

    Unlike free machine translation engines, fee-based tools are usually safe, and therefore suitable, to use. But before getting down to brass tacks, you should take a close look at their terms of service and evaluate whether they’re right for you – as you’ll see, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

  • 3 risks of free machine translation services
    14 December 2021 in Machine Translation

    Free machine translation providers – are they a good idea? Being careless with free machine translation services can have far-reaching consequences: confidential information can become public and be misused for criminal purposes. MEINRAD explains three potential risks you should be aware of, and gives some top tips for using Google Translate,...

  • Using machine translation effectively in technical documentation
    7 May 2021 in Machine Translation

    Operating instructions, manuals and other technical documents are usually ideal candidates for machine (pre-)translation. There are four ways you can make the most of artificial intelligence and use machine translation (MT) to produce translations of these texts: free tools, Pro versions, self-service portals offered by translation agencies, and...

  • Machine translation for technical documents: can it work?
    8 April 2021 in Machine Translation

    Irina Höll MA, MSc is a technical translator, interpreter and language engineer. She explains why machine translation (MT) can be both a blessing and a course, how to introduce it and use it for technical documentation, and what you can do to make your texts better suited to MT engines.

  • Using a self-service portal for machine translation
    8 April 2021 in Machine Translation

    When businesses have the internal resources for post-editing, they often want to go it alone with machine translation (MT). But which services to use? Free engines are less than ideal, given the problems with data privacy, the quality of the output and the practicalities, so this is where self-service portals come into play. They make it easy to...