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  • The techie in the background – how our Localization Engineer Ben Miller helps everything run smoothly
    3 October 2022 in What matters most

    The technical demands of the translation process might not be immediately apparent, but they can quickly become major challenges. That’s where Localization Engineers come in: with their technical expertise, they’re the first port of call if there are technical issues or problems, and they make the whole translation process easier. At MEINRAD, Ben...

  • MEINRAD’s new office – embracing new ways of working
    7 February 2022 in What matters most

    As autumn sets in and the trees shed their leaves, change is in the air at MEINRAD – our main office in Wolfsberg has moved, so we have a new business address. We explain how the move came about and showcase our new, state-of-the-art office – which we’re pretty proud of – together with the forward-thinking work/life idea behind it.