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  • Quickterm can now connect to memoQ
    22 November 2022 in Process optimization

    Until now, the terminology management system Kalcium Quickterm and the CAT tool memoQ only worked separately – so if you wanted to give a translation agency access to your terminology, the only way to do it was by manually exporting and importing it. But now the two systems can talk to each other. MEINRAD’s Terminology Manager Bianca Stadler...

  • Effective terminology management isn’t rocket science
    7 October 2022 in Process optimization

    Although every technical editor knows the importance of terminology when it comes to consistent, high-quality translations, often there isn’t the budget or the resources to take terminology projects seriously. But managing your terminology doesn’t have to be a mammoth undertaking. What you need more than anything else is a structured approach that...

  • Reviewing your own source texts in the self-service portal
    14 December 2021 in Process optimization

    Technical editors often want to review source texts for errors before they publish them and get them translated, and of course they generally prefer to do it themselves. Although there are various tools on the market such as Congree and Acrolinx, a better value alternative is to use MEINRAD’s self-service portal to check your source texts.

  • 5 steps for structuring the long-term process of buying translations
    13 December 2021 in Process optimization

    The decision has been made! You’re moving away from a decentralized, and often chaotic, process of buying translations and are looking to put a long-term structure in place – now there are a few things to bear in mind. Here’s our 5-point plan to make this transition a success.

  • Effective, flexible and user-friendly online terminology management with MEINRAD
    15 July 2021 in Process optimization

    Although many companies are keen to use the right terminology at all times and across all departments, in reality they often don’t have a practical, affordable terminology management tool to help them do this. Instead, each department does its own thing, and the results can be messy. But it doesn’t have to be: there are web-based tools that make...

  • Connecting systems: an interview with our expert in using interfaces for automating translation processes
    9 March 2021 in Process optimization

    As a Localization Engineer, Ben Miller’s job is to ensure the translation process runs smoothly – so the technology nerd is the go-to person at MEINRAD when interfaces need to be programmed. Ben discusses the requirements, the process and the challenges involved in developing interfaces for translation projects.

  • Small words make a big difference: why terminology management shouldn’t be the poor relation at your business
    3 December 2020 in Process optimization

    Terminology management is a word that can send a shiver down people’s spines – “time-consuming”, “stressful” and “complicated” are just three of the words often used to describe it. But it doesn’t have to be! Smart systems can make managing terminology simple and efficient from the start, improving your internal and external communication...

  • How to save money and boost productivity in your translation department
    5 November 2020 in Process optimization

    In a challenging economic climate, lots of businesses are having to tighten their belts in order to survive. Cost-saving measures can have a big impact across the board, including at in-house translation departments. The translation team is often one of the first departments to be targeted for outsourcing and redundancies – but there’s a lot you...

  • Best practice: how to make the most of in-country reviews
    3 November 2020 in Process optimization

    Many businesses prefer to get the staff at their sites in other countries to review the translations produced by translation agencies. In itself it’s a good idea, as these staff know their target market better than anyone else and are therefore the best people to optimize the translations – but there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure...