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  • How ChatGPT can help with translations – and how it can’t
    15 January 2024 in Process optimization

    Advances in artificial intelligence are transforming the world of translation. The launch of ChatGPT has provoked a debate on its potential applications and how it could be used in the translation industry – and the range of possible uses is vast – but even ChatGPT has its limits, which means trained translators and post-editors will continue to...

  • Automation for better translations: how interfaces give you effective translation management
    16 October 2023 in Process optimization

    Automating processes is a key strategy for significantly reducing the time and money needed to produce high-quality translations. Translation interfaces and workflows tailored to meet your requirements make these processes lean, efficient and seamless – here’s a quick overview of the various options, depending on the system you use.

  • Shorten the process: tailored support for establishing and optimizing translation workflows
    27 July 2023 in Process optimization

    A professional translation agency doesn’t just supply translated documents: it also offers consulting for all translation management processes, where you can often save lots of time and money. In short, their translation experts give you the tailored support you really need to establish or optimize workflows. And an Interim Manager can help this...

  • Integrating version management tools like Git, SVN and DevOps to manage translations effectively
    13 July 2023 in Process optimization

    Many businesses use tools like Git, Subversion (SVN) or Azure DevOps from Microsoft for file versioning.They facilitate agile working and allow multiple people to work on documents at the same time. But these tools can also be used to automate translation management systems, which can save valuable working hours and, ultimately, money. Alongside...

  • We speak to terminology expert Franz Steiner: “Despite all the challenges, terminology management is (mostly) lots of fun!”
    9 March 2023 in Process optimization

    Part of Franz Steiner’s role as Senior Coordinator for Software Localization in product and system documentation at AVL List in Graz, a world leader in mobility technology, includes responsibility for terminology management. He talks to us about his experiences establishing a successful terminology management system.

  • Word perfect: 7 steps for effective terminology management
    11 January 2023 in Process optimization

    They say the first step is the hardest, and introducing terminology management is no exception. But it will pay off. Not only does it help internal and external communication, but it will also reduce how much you pay for translations. If you’re not sure where to start, these seven steps will help you manage your terminology more effectively.

  • Quickterm can now connect to memoQ
    22 November 2022 in Process optimization

    Until now, the terminology management system Kalcium Quickterm and the CAT tool memoQ only worked separately – so if you wanted to give a translation agency access to your terminology, the only way to do it was by manually exporting and importing it. But now the two systems can talk to each other. MEINRAD’s Terminology Manager Bianca Stadler...

  • Effective terminology management isn’t rocket science
    7 October 2022 in Process optimization

    Although every technical editor knows the importance of terminology when it comes to consistent, high-quality translations, often there isn’t the budget or the resources to take terminology projects seriously. But managing your terminology doesn’t have to be a mammoth undertaking. What you need more than anything else is a structured approach that...

  • Reviewing your own source texts in the self-service portal
    14 December 2021 in Process optimization

    Technical editors often want to review source texts for errors before they publish them and get them translated, and of course they generally prefer to do it themselves. Although there are various tools on the market such as Congree and Acrolinx, a better value alternative is to use MEINRAD’s self-service portal to check your source texts.