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  • Effective, flexible and user-friendly online terminology management with MEINRAD
    15 July 2021 in Process optimization

    Although many companies are keen to use the right terminology at all times and across all departments, in reality they often don’t have a practical, affordable terminology management tool to help them do this. Instead, each department does its own thing, and the results can be messy. But it doesn’t have to be: there are web-based tools that...

  • Connecting systems: an interview with our expert in using interfaces for automating translation processes
    9 March 2021 in Process optimization

    As a Localization Engineer, Ben Miller’s job is to ensure the translation process runs smoothly – so the technology nerd is the go-to person at MEINRAD when interfaces need to be programmed. Ben discusses the requirements, the process and the challenges involved in developing interfaces for translation projects.

  • Small words make a big difference: why terminology management shouldn’t be the poor relation at your business
    3 December 2020 in Process optimization

    Terminology management is a word that can send a shiver down people’s spines – “time-consuming”, “stressful” and “complicated” are just three of the words often used to describe it. But it doesn’t have to be! Smart systems can make managing terminology simple and efficient from the start, improving your internal and external communication...

  • How to save money and boost productivity in your translation department
    5 November 2020 in Process optimization

    In a challenging economic climate, lots of businesses are having to tighten their belts in order to survive. Cost-saving measures can have a big impact across the board, including at in-house translation departments. The translation team is often one of the first departments to be targeted for outsourcing and redundancies – but there’s a lot...

  • Best practice: how to make the most of in-country reviews
    3 November 2020 in Process optimization

    Many businesses prefer to get the staff at their sites in other countries to review the translations produced by translation agencies. In itself it’s a good idea, as these staff know their target market better than anyone else and are therefore the best people to optimize the translations – but there are a few things to bear in mind to ensure...

  • Better together – online systems help you get involved with the translation process
    13 October 2020 in Process optimization

    Web-based tools make it easy for clients and translation agencies to work together. One option is for a client’s in-house experts to use the agency’s software to carry out their own reviews or maintain their term bases. This doesn’t just save money: it also allows their translations to be adapted to suit the expectations of the specialists...

  • Strategy for success – why proactive planning is crucial for translation departments
    13 October 2020 in Process optimization

    It’s not often you see “strategy” and “translation department” in the same sentence. Although state-of-the-art tools, the latest trends and future developments are always being discussed at trade conferences and elsewhere, proactive strategic planning hasn’t been considered important in translation departments. We’d like to change that – find...

  • Process optimization – solutions for problems to save money and time
    13 October 2020 in Process optimization

    Everyone loves lean, efficient processes, but not many people actually get them. In-house translation departments are no exception. But if you know what you’re doing, there’s the potential to make enormous savings and create lots of added value from the translation process. If you’re looking to increase your technical, linguistic and business...

  • Free machine translation engines – handy, but not always secure
    13 October 2020 in Process optimization

    Free translation services have been part of everyday life for some time now – almost all of us have used them to quickly get a rough idea of what an e-mail or document says. And why wouldn’t you? Free online tools give you an instant result, and sometimes the translations they produce are extremely good. And the more they learn, the better...