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  • In the thick of the action: MEINRAD and memoQ at MedtecLIVE 2023 in Nuremberg
    29 June 2023 in Buying translations

    MedtecLIVE – the main trade fair for the international life sciences sector – was held in Nuremberg from 22 to 25 May 2023. At the heart of the show were innovative products, exciting presentations and services across the value chain in the medical industry, and it was an opportunity for a wide variety of businesses to network, make contacts,...

  • MemoQ's Mark Shriner on life science translations and the localization industry
    15 June 2023 in Buying translations

    We spoke to Mark Shriner, Director of Strategic Sales at memoQ and host of thememoQ talks podcast. Through years of experience and speaking to many companies in the life sciences field, Mark is an expert on medical-technical translations and focuses on expandingmemoQ’s presence in the regulated industries of life sciences and financial services....

  • Vendor management for life sciences translations: challenges, criteria and trends
    2 June 2023 in Buying translations

    Only qualified and experienced translators can deliver accurate, high-quality translations that meet the demanding requirements of sectors such as medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Christian Waldmann, Vendor Relations Manager at MEINRAD, explains what makes a good life sciences translator, what he looks out for when selecting translators,...

  • Better safe than sorry: quality management, minimizing risk and liability immunity in medical translations
    4 May 2023 in Buying translations

    In the medical sector, safety is paramount. That’s no surprise, as it involves working with devices which have a direct influence on the health of users and patients. Manufacturers are bound by precise regulations to ensure products and operations are as safe as possible, in order to minimize the risk of harm. That means the highest possible...

  • To MT or not to MT – two MEINRAD translators discuss their experiences with machine translation
    20 April 2023 in Buying translations

    Machine translation (MT) has become indispensable in the translation industry, and translators are increasingly becoming post-editors as well. Slovenian translator Vito and French translator Guillaume discuss their views on MT and the experiences they’ve had with artificial intelligence.

  • Company-wide access to terminology with the new term base lookup tool
    6 April 2023 in Buying translations

    One problem familiar to many terminologists is that although they can manage terminology in their software, it’s harder to give their colleagues access to this terminology. That used to be the case with QTerm, the tool MEINRAD makes available for its clients to support in-house terminology management, but the new lookup tool now makes it easy to...

  • We speak to terminology expert Franz Steiner: “Despite all the challenges, terminology management is (mostly) lots of fun!”
    9 March 2023 in Process optimization

    Part of Franz Steiner’s role as Senior Coordinator for Software Localization in product and system documentation at AVL List in Graz, a world leader in mobility technology, includes responsibility for terminology management. He talks to us about his experiences establishing a successful terminology management system.

  • Using plug-ins to translate Drupal websites: texts in multiple languages are just a few clicks away
    23 February 2023 in Buying translations

    Do you like the idea of getting Drupal content translated quickly? You can – and it’s easy! Plug-in solutions allow you to choose pages and send them to your translation agency at the touch of a button, and then the translated pages are sent straight back to Drupal.

  • How to make sure you get the right translation interface
    14 February 2023 in Buying translations

    Anyone who’s interested in automating the translation process is inevitably confronted with the issue of interfaces and the wide range of customizable options. There are various solutions depending on the system you use, so before getting down to brass tacks and thinking about actually setting up the interface with your agency, you should clarify...