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  • What is pre-editing and how can it help?
    11 June 2024 in Buying translations

    In the world of translation and localization, there are various ways to accelerate the machine translation workflow and produce higher-quality results. One of these methods is known as pre-editing. But what exactly is pre-editing, and how can it help? MEINRAD takes a closer look at this process and explains the benefits.

  • Does automation remove the human touch?
    28 May 2024 in What matters most

    The world we live in is constantly changing, and it’s moving unstoppably towards automation. Machines, algorithms and artificial intelligence have now made their presence felt in almost every aspect of our lives. The aim of automation is to make our lives easier, accelerate workflows and allow resources to be used more effectively and sustainably...

  • How to make your texts suitable for machine translation
    25 April 2024 in Machine Translation

    As a technical editor or content creator, your destiny – or more accurately, the destiny of your texts – is more or less in your own hands. You can make your texts suitable for machine translation and post-editing by bearing these processes in mind when you begin producing your content. We’d like to give you some top tips.

  • Together against breast cancer: an interview with Sonja Prinz from Awareness Deutschland
    22 March 2024 in Buying translations

    Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in women, with several thousand new cases in Austria each year. For some time there have been intensive campaigns using the slogan “Brustkrebs geht uns alle an” (“Breast cancer affects all of us”) to raise awareness of this serious disease. One organization involved in these campaigns is...

  • Interview with MED-EL: the challenges posed by the MDR, translation management, and how MEINRAD has helped
    22 March 2024 in Buying translations

    International medical business MED-EL’s relationship with MEINRAD goes back more than a decade: MEINRAD has been MED-EL’s translation partner since 2013. The Labelling department is one of many MED-EL departments where translations are part of their everyday work. We spoke to them to find out more about life in the Labelling department and the...

  • Innovation and inspiration in Dubai: Arab Health 2024
    19 February 2024 in Buying translations

    At the end of January, Lara Tosoni (CRO) and Meinrad Reiterer (CEO) headed to Dubai to attend Arab Health for the first time. It’s the biggest and most important healthcare conference and trade fair in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, a fact which quickly became clear: there were over 3,400 exhibitors from 180 countries in Dubai,...

  • The benefits of SCHEMA ST4 in technical editing and translation management
    19 February 2024 in Buying translations

    Petra Dutz, responsible for new customer sales at Quanos, talks about the SCHEMA ST4 content management system and how it can help the translation process – from checking terminology to enabling automation. As a certified Quanos partner, MEINRAD are the experts in translating content produced in ST4 and can create interfaces to accelerate...

  • How ChatGPT can help with translations – and how it can’t
    15 January 2024 in Process optimization

    Advances in artificial intelligence are transforming the world of translation. The launch of ChatGPT has provoked a debate on its potential applications and how it could be used in the translation industry – and the range of possible uses is vast – but even ChatGPT has its limits, which means trained translators and post-editors will continue to...

  • Ready, steady, cook! MEINRAD’s favourite Christmas recipes
    20 December 2023 in What matters most

    MEINRAD are more than just translation experts – we’re also keen bakers, and at Christmas there’s little we love more than tucking in to what we’ve made. To prove it, here are three Christmas recipes which we hope will have you feeling just as Christmassy as us!