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  • Innovation and inspiration in Dubai: Arab Health 2024
    19 February 2024 in Buying translations

    At the end of January, Lara Tosoni (CRO) and Meinrad Reiterer (CEO) headed to Dubai to attend Arab Health for the first time. It’s the biggest and most important healthcare conference and trade fair in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region, a fact which quickly became clear: there were over 3,400 exhibitors from 180 countries in Dubai,...

  • The benefits of SCHEMA ST4 in technical editing and translation management
    19 February 2024 in Buying translations

    Petra Dutz, responsible for new customer sales at Quanos, talks about the SCHEMA ST4 content management system and how it can help the translation process – from checking terminology to enabling automation. As a certified Quanos partner, MEINRAD are the experts in translating content produced in ST4 and can create interfaces to accelerate...

  • How ChatGPT can help with translations – and how it can’t
    15 January 2024 in Process optimization

    Advances in artificial intelligence are transforming the world of translation. The launch of ChatGPT has provoked a debate on its potential applications and how it could be used in the translation industry – and the range of possible uses is vast – but even ChatGPT has its limits, which means trained translators and post-editors will continue to...

  • Ready, steady, cook! MEINRAD’s favourite Christmas recipes
    20 December 2023 in What matters most

    MEINRAD are more than just translation experts – we’re also keen bakers, and at Christmas there’s little we love more than tucking in to what we’ve made. To prove it, here are three Christmas recipes which we hope will have you feeling just as Christmassy as us!

  • The latest trends in the life sciences industry: what MEINRAD learned at MEDICA 2023
    27 November 2023 in Buying translations

    Over a period of four days, 83,000 visitors from the global life sciences industry gathered in Düsseldorf for MEDICA and COMPAMED 2023 – including MEINRAD! This year’s trade fair, an opportunity for leading experts to share ideas and experiences, featured 6,000 exhibitors from around the world and a comprehensive program of events for the hordes...

  • TAUS Conference 2023: the impact and applications of large language models
    21 November 2023 in What matters most

    The translation and localization industry is in a constant state of evolution – in fact, it would be more accurate to call it a revolution with the emergence of neural machine translation engines, artificial intelligence and large language models in recent years. This year’s TAUS Conference took place in early October in Salt Lake City, and one of...

  • S1000D – finding out more about the “unknown standard”
    27 October 2023 in What matters most

    Many companies in the aviation and defence sector are familiar with the S1000D standard, as their technical documentation needs to comply with it. In October, Tekom Österreich held an event at the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz all about this standard – and MEINRAD was there! Why did we, a translation agency, go along to an event...

  • Automation for better translations: how interfaces give you effective translation management
    16 October 2023 in Process optimization

    Automating processes is a key strategy for significantly reducing the time and money needed to produce high-quality translations. Translation interfaces and workflows tailored to meet your requirements make these processes lean, efficient and seamless – here’s a quick overview of the various options, depending on the system you use.

  • Less text doesn’t always mean less work – why minimum rates are charged
    22 September 2023 in Buying translations

    Have you ever sent a document with a very short paragraph for translation and wondered why this seemingly mini-project a) “takes so long” and b) “costs so much”? Translation agencies take the same amount of care over all translation projects – whether they’re 100 words, 1000 words or 100,000 words, the workflows and steps involved don’t change....