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  • Better safe than sorry: 5 top tips for evaluating fee-based machine translation tools
    7 February 2022 in Machine Translation

    Unlike free machine translation engines, fee-based tools are usually safe, and therefore suitable, to use. But before getting down to brass tacks, you should take a close look at their terms of service and evaluate whether they’re right for you – as you’ll see, there are a few factors to bear in mind.

  • 6 benefits of an ISO 13485 certified translation agency
    7 February 2022 in Buying translations

    Medical translations are a particularly sensitive issue, where incorrect translations can quickly have serious consequences for the safety of users and/or patients. By meeting various strict criteria, ISO-certified translation agencies guarantee consistent, high-quality translations. In addition to the ISO 17100 standard for the translation...

  • MEINRAD’s new office – embracing new ways of working
    7 February 2022 in What matters most

    As autumn sets in and the trees shed their leaves, change is in the air at MEINRAD – our main office in Wolfsberg has moved, so we have a new business address. We explain how the move came about and showcase our new, state-of-the-art office – which we’re pretty proud of – together with the forward-thinking work/life idea behind it.

  • Thinking strategically before buying translations: how a 6D assessment can help you
    7 February 2022 in Buying translations

    It doesn’t just take a fair amount of time to get from deciding to implement a new strategy for buying translations to beginning to work with your new translation provider(s) – there’s plenty of hard work involved for everyone involved too. To make sure you don’t forget anything amid all the upheaval, it’s worth carrying out a 6D assessment of the...

  • 3 risks of free machine translation services
    14 December 2021 in Machine Translation

    Free machine translation providers – are they a good idea? Being careless with free machine translation services can have far-reaching consequences: confidential information can become public and be misused for criminal purposes. MEINRAD explains three potential risks you should be aware of, and gives some top tips for using Google Translate,...

  • Reviewing your own source texts in the self-service portal
    14 December 2021 in Process optimization

    Technical editors often want to review source texts for errors before they publish them and get them translated, and of course they generally prefer to do it themselves. Although there are various tools on the market such as Congree and Acrolinx, a better value alternative is to use MEINRAD’s self-service portal to check your source texts.

  • 5 steps for structuring the long-term process of buying translations
    13 December 2021 in Process optimization

    The decision has been made! You’re moving away from a decentralized, and often chaotic, process of buying translations and are looking to put a long-term structure in place – now there are a few things to bear in mind. Here’s our 5-point plan to make this transition a success.

  • What do we mean by inconsistencies, and what are the consequences?
    6 December 2021 in Buying translations

    If you’re looking to save money when producing technical texts, there’s one issue that stands out above all the rest: avoid inconsistencies! But what exactly are inconsistencies, what consequences do they have, and how can you avoid them?

  • There’s more than one way to get a translation – the different services provided by translation agencies
    28 October 2021 in Buying translations

    Translation agencies offer a wide range of services, including human translation, machine translation with post-editing, translation with revision and transcreation. But what’s the right choice for which texts?