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  • Word perfect: 7 steps for effective terminology management
    11 January 2023 in Process optimization

    They say the first step is the hardest, and introducing terminology management is no exception. But it will pay off. Not only does it help internal and external communication, but it will also reduce how much you pay for translations. If you’re not sure where to start, these seven steps will help you manage your terminology more effectively.

  • How experts make the translation process work
    23 November 2022 in Buying translations

    Translation is about more than just conveying a text from one language to another. At a translation agency, teams of experts work together not just to produce high-quality translations, but also to make clients’ everyday work easier. Preparing texts before and after the translation has a key role to play in a successful translation process, so if...

  • Which languages are suitable for machine translation?
    22 November 2022 in Machine Translation

    Things are moving fast in the world of machine translation – the results produced by MT tools are getter better and better, and the range of languages offered is growing all the time. But be careful: just because a text can be machine translated from one particular language to another, that doesn’t necessarily mean the results will be good....

  • Quickterm can now connect to memoQ
    22 November 2022 in Process optimization

    Until now, the terminology management system Kalcium Quickterm and the CAT tool memoQ only worked separately – so if you wanted to give a translation agency access to your terminology, the only way to do it was by manually exporting and importing it. But now the two systems can talk to each other. MEINRAD’s Terminology Manager Bianca Stadler...

  • Why memoQ is perfectly suited for life science translations
    22 November 2022 in Buying translations

    Medical manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry in general need lots of translations, not least because of the strict regulatory requirements they have to meet. Accurate translations are crucial in order to ensure safety for patients and users – and that’s where the CAT tool memoQhas a large part to play in delivering high-quality texts.

  • The advance planning discount – how you can benefit from non-urgent translation projects
    7 October 2022 in Buying translations

    They say good planning is half the battle. And that goes for translation just as it does elsewhere! If you can plan your translation projects in advance and give the agency plenty of time to deliver them, you can benefit from advance planning discounts and save money with every project.

  • When am I ready for machine translation?
    7 October 2022 in Buying translations

    Lots of businesses want to exploit machine translation to reduce the cost of their projects and the time taken to deliver them. But before making the switch, there are a few questions to think about, and processes and workflows to prepare, in order to ensure that the quality of your translations doesn’t suffer and you actually save money from it.

  • 6 reasons why working with multiple translation providers can cause problems
    7 October 2022 in Buying translations

    Buying translation services from multiple providers can lead to chaos and won’t give you the best value for money. MEINRAD explains why, and outlines the drawbacks and risks of a decentralized approach.

  • What to look out for in labelling translations
    7 October 2022 in Buying translations

    In the medical industry, you can’t just produce a label with some warnings and information and then stick it on a medical product. As anyone who’s familiar with labelling knows, there are strict regulatory requirements that have to be met across the board. For patients and users of medical products, safety is the number one priority – but how can...