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  • 3 reasons why you should use a translation memory
    22 September 2022 in Buying translations

    If there’s one bit of technology that today’s professional language service providers can’t do without, it’s translation memory systems. They play a key role in enabling fast, consistent and cost-effective translations.

  • Andrea Gutwein explains ISO 13485 quality management at a translation agency
    6 September 2022 in Buying translations

    ISO certifications are already a strong indicator that a business has high quality standards. But if a translation agency is certified to a standard as comprehensive as ISO 13485 for medical devices, that shows they’ve gone even further: they’re specialists! Andrea Gutwein explains the everyday reality of quality management at an ISO 13485...

  • Using WPML to translate WordPress websites
    6 September 2022 in Buying translations

    WordPress is one of the most popular systems for running websites. The software itself isn’t designed for multilingual websites, but there are various plug-ins, such as WPML, which allow websites to be translated into lots of different languages. MEINRAD explains how simple and straightforward it can be to get a WordPress site translated by a...

  • The DeepL glossary: at long last the machine translation output can be customized
    6 September 2022 in Buying translations

    Although the machine translation tool DeepL has given users the opportunity to create their own glossary for some time, this was not very useful for the everyday work done by translation agencies. Glossaries are now available for use with the DeepL Pro plug-in in memoQ. Terminology and machine translation manager Bianca Stadler gives her...

  • How to negotiate prices and discounts with translation agencies
    6 September 2022 in Buying translations

    At the start of most business partnerships, there will inevitably be some negotiation of prices. If you’re not familiar with the translation industry, you might not know what exactly you can negotiate. Here are 12 areas where you can negotiate with your translation partner to make sure you get the best possible terms for your business.

  • 8 factors that can considerably reduce what you pay for translations
    6 September 2022 in Buying translations

    Any company that does business in more than one country will need to produce texts in multiple languages. But while the need for translations is likely to grow year on year, the budget for them will usually remain unchanged or may even be cut. That’s not a reason to switch to a cheaper provider! There are various options that can help reduce what...

  • How to get your website professionally translated
    3 May 2022 in Buying translations

    A website is the digital calling card of a business. So a professional website translation, produced by a translation agency, is essential. But how does the process work, what options are there, and which issues should you think about in advance? MEINRAD gives you an overview of fully automated, semi-automated and manual workflows.

  • Reporting in translation management – Eva Reiterer on key indicators and more
    3 May 2022 in Buying translations

    Getting value for money, making savings, ensuring effectiveness – the requirements for translation processes are growing, and with it the demand for key indicators in translation. But what do we mean by reporting in translation? Why do people do it, and what basic knowledge do you need to produce useful reports? We asked our reporting expert Eva...

  • Machine translation for medical technology – can it work?
    25 March 2022 in Machine Translation

    Machine translation is now used routinely in the translation industry. But can it work in “sensitive” sectors such as medical technology? We asked MEINRAD’s CEO Eva Reiterer.