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Shorten the process: tailored support for establishing and optimizing translation workflows

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A professional translation agency doesn’t just supply translated documents: it also offers consulting for all translation management processes, where you can often save lots of time and money. In short, their translation experts give you the tailored support you really need to establish or optimize workflows. And an Interim Manager can help this process.

Of course, if you want to get your texts translated into another language, you can simply send them to a translation agency and get the translation back without any fuss. Depending on the file format, this process may be fairly straightforward, the agency won’t have to ask you any questions, and you’ll probably be happy with the results. This type of translation service may seem like bread and butter for translation agencies, but it barely scratches the surface – agencies can do a lot more than that.

Translation agencies have more than just linguistic expertise:

their staff (project managers, localization engineers etc.) are experts in every aspect of the translation workflow. Whether it’s establishing terminology management, introducing a CAT tool or explaining how clients can perform in-country reviews effectively and get colleagues from other sites involved, a translation agency is on hand to talk to and can offer invaluable advice. Being able to ask about these issues and get their input may seem obvious, but an agency’s expertise stretches much further. If you’re fed up with constantly having to collate content from various departments and systems, copying and pasting it to send it to a translation agency and then spending hours checking the layout of the translated documents, or with terminology never being where it needs to be, or with a chaotic and slow ordering process for ordering translations at your business, we have good news: all these workflows can be optimized. Streamlined, smooth and with costs that can be calculated – that’s the ideal workflow. The right processes and tools make it easy to get it up and running, helping you save time, money and stress.

Analysing the status quo and suggesting strategies for faster workflows

Every business has different requirements, so a translation agency’s first job is to discuss them in detail to establish the status quo and what you’re looking for. What are your problem areas in translation management? Which activities constantly take up too much of your time? What do you want to be faster, and how do you picture your ideal workflows and/or results? An agency needs to listen closely as you describe the current situation and workflows. Sometimes eliminating or optimizing seemingly trivial things can make a huge difference, and depending on the complexity, suggestions can be made immediately or developed as part of a detailed action plan. What matters is that your individual requirements and systems are taken into account – what works for client A may be completely unsuitable for client B. The ideal long-term workflow has to be right for your business!

Interim Manager, check-ins, support throughout the process

Fast workflows don’t just make you feel that your life is easier: they help improve quality and productivity and reduce lead times. Regular check-ins to discuss progress will help you achieve the goals you have set, and it’s easier with a partner. An Interim Manager can also help – as an external specialist, they oversee implementation of the agreed steps and ensure that progress doesn’t stall.

Individual consulting

Do you know that there’s a simpler way to do things, but aren’t sure how to establish a particular translation management workflow or how to optimize it? We’re happy to help with all the issues involved in setting up and optimizing processes. We’ll work together to develop a practical solution so that you benefit from fast, convenient and economical processes and have more time for what matters.


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